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InnoVet™ - Your partners in Radiography

The first InnoVet ™ system manufactured in 1991 by Summit Industries was an innovative design breakthrough in veterinary radiography. Prior to this time, vets were relegated to use human medical x-ray systems for the unique needs of veterinary imaging. The InnoVet was the first x-ray system designed by veterinarians for veterinarians. This revolutionary unit combined all the tools needed for an x-ray exam: a full-size table, moveable tubestand, 300 mA generator and lead-lined cassette box into one compact package.

The InnoVet product line now includes both film-based and direct digital systems, and continues the traditions of reliability and user-friendliness.

For over 18 years, our systems have been the standard of the radiographic industry, sometimes imitated but never duplicated. Our innovative features have enabled over 6,000 veterinarians to produce more the 7 million high-quality images per year with ease.

As with our Amrad ™ and Bennett™ brands, the InnoVet ™ brand produced by Summit Industries enjoys the prestige and recognition as the number one provider to the market. All systems manufactured by Summit Industries have the best product warranties, and highest product quality as a result of ISO 9001 compliance and full FDA and UL conformance.